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English-Hindi > wage differential

wage differential meaning in Hindi

wage differential sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी अंतर
मजदूरी विभेद
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
differential    अंतर अवकल भिन्नक
1.Briefly, segregation causes the gender wage differentials regardless of the equal skills.

2.The gender wage differentials in Thailand declined in the early 1990s.

3.Indians were less likely to settle permanently because of wage differentials.

4.The Economic Policy Institute study looks at work schedule flexiblity and wage differentials.

5.The union threat model is one of several explanations for industry wage differentials.

6.In Thailand, the gender wage differential is larger when experience premiums are accounted for.

7.Real wages for both regular workers and managers plummeted, despite the growing wage differential.

8.According to Pande of Tata, the wage differential is about 12 percent to 15 percent.

9.A noticeable shift was the reduction in wage differentials.

10.Wage differentials remained, though the gap began to close.

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