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English-Hindi > wage disparity

wage disparity meaning in Hindi

wage disparity sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी असमता
मजदूरी असमानता
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
disparity    अन्तर असमता
1.Occupational segregation by sex is widely associated with gender wage disparity.

2.The union will no doubt be pointing to wage disparities between some workers.

3.But the wage disparity between large and small businesses has shrunk.

4.Campbell from UH noted that wage disparities are quite large already, depending on specialities.

5.Other economic changes have also played a role in the growth of the wage disparity.

6.In addition, regular increases were made to the minimum wage which prevented greater wage disparities.

7.The wireless unit has great wage disparities.

8.Preference of workers and cultural factors that lead to job segregation are the causes of gendered wage disparity as well.

9.Although the law prohibits discrimination based on gender in employment and wages, there were significant wage disparities between men and women.

10.No matter how much conservatives try to blame racial wage disparity on single-parent homes and educational gaps, there remains an unavoidable reality.

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