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English-Hindi > wage earner

wage earner meaning in Hindi

wage earner sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी अर्जक
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
earner    उपार्जक श्रमजीवी
1.Despite the evidence of slowdown, there was good news for wage earners.

2.After the Civil War some women became wage earners in industrializing cities.

3.That trend holds for at least nine out of 10 wage earners.

4.But most wage earners cannot afford to buy apartments without government help.

5.I was a hard-core wage earner of the type hotel ads target.

6.They say an income tax would be a burden on wage earners.

7.Individual wage earners might also combine in unions to influence wage rates.

8.In the 1920s, the railroad employed half the wage earners in Flora.

9.He noted women account for 60 percent of the minimum wage earners.

10.Last year, about 25 percent went to the top wage earners.

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someone who earn wages in return for their labor
Synonyms: earner,

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