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English-Hindi > wage hike

wage hike meaning in Hindi

wage hike sentence in Hindi
वेतन वृद्धि
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
hike    पदयात्रा वृद्धि
1.Wage hikes should be related to inflation and productivity increases, he said.

2.The period overlaps annual workers'campaigns for wage hikes and better working conditions.

3.For western Germany, the unions are calling for 6 percent wage hikes.

4.At LG Caltex, striking workers are demanding a 10.5 percent wage hike.

5.The technicians are demanding a 20 percent wage hike and enhanced allowances.

6.Governments in Turkey usually implement big wage hikes when elections are looming.

7.The union is seeking annual base wage hikes of about 3 percent.

8.Strikers are demanding wage hikes ranging from 30 percent to 125 percent.

9.It looked at the state minimum wage hikes in 1989 and 1990.

10.But wage hikes have cushioned many city dwellers from the price rises.

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the amount a salary is increased; "he got a 3% raise"; "he got a wage hike"
Synonyms: raise, rise, hike, wage increase, salary increase,

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