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English-Hindi > wage price spiral

wage price spiral meaning in Hindi

wage price spiral sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी कीमत उच्चक्र
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
price    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
price spiral    मजदूरी-कीमत
spiral    चक्कर सर्पिल रेखा
1.Everett Ehrlich, undersecretary of Commerce for economic affairs, said businesses have " room for modest increase in wages without setting off the wage price spiral,"

2.Thus " layers of institutional complexity " have been introduced at intervals over the centuries, including " regulatory floors without celings, administered prices, competitive inflation, wage price spirals, other things ."

3."Frankly, we are a bit apprehensive about the inflationary impact of that ( wage increase ) mainly because we want to avoid a wage price spiral wherein it will lead to another round of inflation that will prompt yet another request for an increase in wages, " said Cielito Habito, Socio-Economic Planning Secretary.

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