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wage rate sentence in Hindi

"wage rate" meaning in Hindiwage rate in a sentence
  • Economic migration and labour migration show a profound difference in wage rates.
  • Individual wage earners might also combine in unions to influence wage rates.
  • The effect of cheaper food on wage rates was an important consideration.
  • Wage rates rose in January by an average 7 cents an hour.
  • Average wage rates in the Soviet Union were published relatively rarely.
  • Some use one-time cash bonuses to reward workers without permanently raising wage rates.
  • They pledged that they would quit if the wage rates decreased.
  • The equilibrium price for a certain type of labor is the wage rate.
  • They are a long way off from a competitive wage rate,
  • And the wage rates for this year will be boosted by 6 percent.
  • "What the bond market will worry about will be wage rates, " said Farrell.
  • In industry, uniform wage rates were introduced and inspectors appointed to monitor factory conditions.
  • "All we want are competitive wage rates, " she said.
  • Consequently, higher supply of F jobs decreases its wage rates.
  • With wage rates beginning to accelerate, inflation prospects are deteriorating,
  • However, NHS wage rates were usually comparatively low and hours often long and anti-social.
  • Wage rates for doctors and nurses increased in the Campbell government s first term.
  • A firm's cost is a function of the wage rate.
  • Another plus : Wage rates are even lower than provinces in fast-growing southern China.
  • Differences remained after taking into account statewide variations in hospital size and wage rates.
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