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English-Hindi > wage rate

wage rate meaning in Hindi

wage rate sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी दर
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
rate    मूल्य जहाज का दरजा
1.Economic migration and labour migration show a profound difference in wage rates.

2.Individual wage earners might also combine in unions to influence wage rates.

3.The effect of cheaper food on wage rates was an important consideration.

4.Wage rates rose in January by an average 7 cents an hour.

5.Average wage rates in the Soviet Union were published relatively rarely.

6.Some use one-time cash bonuses to reward workers without permanently raising wage rates.

7.They pledged that they would quit if the wage rates decreased.

8.The equilibrium price for a certain type of labor is the wage rate.

9.They are a long way off from a competitive wage rate,

10.And the wage rates for this year will be boosted by 6 percent.

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