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wage regulation sentence in Hindi

"wage regulation" meaning in Hindiwage regulation in a sentence
  • Some companies have been taken to court for violating minimum wage regulations.
  • :Commission isn't mentioned in Saskatchewan's Minimum Wage Regulations.
  • I see only one acceptable reference, for a minor wage regulation violation.
  • The non-formal sector is not subject to minimum-wage regulations.
  • An occasional baby-sitter is exempt from minimum-wage regulations as well.
  • This notably excludes wage regulation and collective bargaining.
  • The 10 suspects face charges ranging from violations of state minimum-wage regulations to federal smuggling laws.
  • He should have been paid $ 30.08 an hour in wages and benefits under prevailing-wage regulations.
  • In each case the violation alleged by those attacking minimum wage regulation for women is deprivation of freedom of contract.
  • Federal legislation signed nearly a decade after Tenorio left office altered the minimum wage regulations and immigration system of the CNMI.
  • Some city agencies, trying to keep down construction costs, have been lax for years about enforcing the wage regulations, many union leaders and municipal officials said.
  • The state of California appealed a lower-court decision, which said federal law prevents a state from imposing its own prevailing-wage regulations on apprenticeship programs.
  • Thus, spotting the effects on employment of newly introduced minimum wage regulations is among the indirect ways economists use to pin down monopsony power in selected labor markets.
  • From then on he participated in the discussion and drafting of several laws, such as those linked to : foreign Affairs, National Police, and wage regulation.
  • Last year, more than 300 complaints of underpayments _ some of which involved 10 or more workers _ were filed with City Comptroller Alan Hevesi, who oversees the wage regulations.
  • Organized labor representatives on the Wage Stabilization Board immediately began pressing for a change in the WSB's wage regulations to permit a higher wage increase, but administration officials balked.
  • The effect of this decision radiated outward, affecting other doctrinal methods of analysis in wage regulation, labor, and the power of the U . S . Congress to regulate commerce.
  • By 1950, as a result of these changes, virtually all of the poorly organised and low-paid categories of workers were subject to state sponsored wage regulation and collective bargaining.
  • That may be not only because their living conditions make migrant farm workers seem pampered, but also because under a quirk in federal labor laws, shepherds are excluded from minimum wage regulations.
  • An ongoing hunger strike by a few dozen Solidarity trade union members in protest of the new wage regulations that discriminate health care and education employees, added a dramatic dimension to the parliamentary discussion.
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