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English-Hindi > wage regulation

wage regulation meaning in Hindi

wage regulation sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी नियमन
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
regulation    कायदा नियंत्रण
1.Some companies have been taken to court for violating minimum wage regulations.

2.:Commission isn't mentioned in Saskatchewan's Minimum Wage Regulations.

3.I see only one acceptable reference, for a minor wage regulation violation.

4.The non-formal sector is not subject to minimum-wage regulations.

5.An occasional baby-sitter is exempt from minimum-wage regulations as well.

6.This notably excludes wage regulation and collective bargaining.

7.The 10 suspects face charges ranging from violations of state minimum-wage regulations to federal smuggling laws.

8.He should have been paid $ 30.08 an hour in wages and benefits under prevailing-wage regulations.

9.In each case the violation alleged by those attacking minimum wage regulation for women is deprivation of freedom of contract.

10.Federal legislation signed nearly a decade after Tenorio left office altered the minimum wage regulations and immigration system of the CNMI.

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