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English-Hindi > wage restraint

wage restraint meaning in Hindi

wage restraint sentence in Hindi

मजदूरी संयमन
wage    मजदूरी वेतन
restraint    अटकाव अवरोध
1.Employers want to discuss wage restraint, a call rejected by the unions.

2.The main thrust of the ( new ) guidelines is severe wage restraint,

3.But employers and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder have called for wage restraint.

4.Another contributing factor was wage restraints as the agricultural sector is labour intensive.

5.There are signs that labor is growing restless after years of wage restraint.

6.The main thrust of the guidelines is severe wage restraint,

7.Most economists expect another year of wage restraint in 1998.

8."Only wage restraint can secure jobs, " he told the Hanover daily Neue Presse.

9."Wage restraint doesn't pay and doesn't create any jobs,"

10.Business leaders have urged wage restraint on the new leadership, and swiftly criticized Monday's announcement.

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