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wage scale sentence in Hindi

"wage scale" meaning in Hindiwage scale in a sentence
  • Another incentive was the lower wage scales in the densely populated island.
  • With a wage scale of $ 30 a month, who could resist?
  • The ballpark being a state wage scale competitive with the rest of America.
  • Many workers at the lower end of the wage scale are part-time employees.
  • The contract proposals also call for a sliding minimum wage scale.
  • A wage scale agreement is awaiting adoption of a code for the industry.
  • Teamsters officials initially claimed the settlement retained a single wage scale.
  • On any wage scale, that's pretty good work, if you can get it.
  • Wage scales disqualify most workers for food stamps and other welfare.
  • Workers at the top of the wage scale saw double-digit increases in pay.
  • Unlike other contracts, the new contract does not set wage scales.
  • The government imposed high wage scales, as well as collective bargaining and insurance schemes.
  • We have the same employee pool, the same wage scale.
  • In the pattern set after World War II, wage scales rose frequently between recessions.
  • Jault described the wage scale as " highly competitive ."
  • An even stronger attraction is the country's low wage scales.
  • Craft agreed that the company essentially got it wanted, including a two-tiered wage scale.
  • Delta Express also used a two-tiered wage scale the airline found unsustainable, officials said.
  • Party and government officials set wage scales and work norms.
  • The three-year pause in wage scale increases does not preclude raises for union members.
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