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wage settlement sentence in Hindi

"wage settlement" meaning in Hindiwage settlement in a sentence
  • Labor wage settlements for March rose a lower-than-expected 0 . 3 percent.
  • Still, Duisenberg pointed to recent wage settlements as a source of concern.
  • The wage settlement must be sensible from the viewpoint of the overall economy,
  • Low wage settlements would boost employment and subsequently growth, Klodt said.
  • Wage settlements need to match an environment of low inflation,
  • Today, the government will release the latest wage settlements bulletin.
  • Most wage settlements and loans are indexed, reducing inflation's volatility.
  • Labor wage settlements for March rose a lower-than-expected 0.3 percent.
  • Recent wage settlements and the weak economy also pose no inflationary dangers, he said.
  • Nationwide wage settlements that applied even to small nonunionized businesses hurt competitiveness and innovation.
  • There is no sign of any pickup in wage settlements.
  • Companies are required to give wage settlements to long-term employees.
  • Contract wage settlements have averaged around 12 percent, with 8 percent more in fringe benefits.
  • Any wage settlement in Baden-Wuerttemberg is expected to set the pattern for workers across Germany.
  • Ottawa : April wage settlements report . ( See : NI LABOR, NI ECO .)
  • There were the other elements to the wage settlement,
  • "I don't think this wage settlement will be inflationary.
  • Ottawa : Statistics Canada releases July major wage settlements . ( See : NI CAECO)
  • Or, there may be relatively generous wage settlements that the financial markets would consider inflationary.
  • So far, much of the new money has gone into wage settlements for health workers.
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