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English-Hindi > wasp sting

wasp sting meaning in Hindi

wasp sting sentence in Hindi

ततैया दंश
भिड दंश
wasp    बर्रे भिड भिड़
sting    घाव चुभन टीस डंक
1.After locating a cicada, the wasp stings the cicada, injecting paralyzing venom.

2.In particular, bee stings are acidic, whereas wasp stings are alkali.

3.Common symptoms of wasp stings in humans are redness, minor swelling, and itching.

4.A sprig of the plant, rubbed onto bee or wasp stings, brings instant relief.

5.Those who are allergic to bee or wasp stings usually react within 15 minutes.

6.However, her father died that year after a wasp sting developed into a fatal infection.

7.The episode showed what happened to her character's body in response to a wasp sting.

8.The study concluded that ice alone is better treatment for bee and wasp stings than aspirin.

9.A wasp sting, by contrast, is a single lance, and rarely pulls loose during a sting.

10.But touch those vibrant green leaves and you are in for pain like a wasp sting.

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