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English-Hindi > watt governor

watt governor meaning in Hindi

watt governor sentence in Hindi

watt    वाट वाट
governor    अध्यक्ष गवर्नर
1.Their operation is identical to the Watts governor used to limit the speed of steam and large Diesel engines.

2.Chris Eliasmith wrote a critique of Tim van Gelder's dynamicism and his proposal to replace the Turing machine by the Watt governor as a model of cognition.

3.In his most well-known paper,'What Might Cognition Be If Not Computation,'van Gelder used the Watt Governor as a model to contrast with the Turing Machine.

4.Eliasmith argued that the Turing machine concept is more encompassing and better suited as a guiding metaphor than the Watt governor, because the latter is a concrete machine and the former is a mathematical abstraction representing of a whole class of machines.

5.Gibbs theorized that, analogous to the equilibrium of the simple Watt governor ( which depends on the balancing of two torques : one due to the weight of the " balls " and the other due to their rotation ), thermodynamic equilibrium for any work producing thermodynamic system depends on the balance of two entities.

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