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English-Hindi > wealthy person

wealthy person meaning in Hindi

wealthy person sentence in Hindi
धनाढ्य व्यक्ति
wealthy    धनाढ्य धनी पूरा
person    जन देह पात्र पुरुष
1.A banker or other wealthy person might make a personal loan.

2.Im not a wealthy person I am getting different information.

3.A wealthy person might have funded the regiment and been acclaimed colonel.

4.:Any sufficiently wealthy person can buy a football club.

5.Emma Lebacq, wife of the painter, was a wealthy person.

6.Wealthy persons buy luxury cars and live in quality houses.

7."He's not your typical son of a wealthy person.

8."Not every wealthy person has elegance, " she says.

9.They'd be a wealthy person ."

10.Obviously, he is not a wealthy person,

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