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English-Hindi > wean from

wean from meaning in Hindi

wean from sentence in Hindi
आदत छुड़ाना
आदत छुड़ाना
wean    अलग करना दूध
from    स् से स ओर से कारण
1.Until their case is settled, the Burgins say their 2-year-old son won't wean from his mother, won't leave his parents'bed at night and will not accept a baby-sitter.

2.Oreo, the best-selling U . S . cookie with about $ 500 million in annual sales, " is much more profitable than some of the dross they're trying to wean from the ( supermarket ) aisle,"

3.But he said other nations must share the burden _ a crucial point since the central government must be able to clothe, arm and, most important, pay any soldiers it hopes to wean from warlords who now dominate much of Afghanistan outside Kabul.

4.A . Whether it's difficult to wean from the bottle depends on how emotionally attached a baby is to it, says Gale Pryor, co-author of the classic " Nursing Your Baby " ( third edition, Simon & AMP; Schuster ) and author of " Nursing Mother, Working Mother : The Essential Guide for Breastfeeding and Staying Close to Your Baby after You Return to Work, " ( Harvard Common Press ).

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