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English-Hindi > weekly return

weekly return meaning in Hindi

weekly return sentence in Hindi

साप्‍ताहिक विवरणी
weekly    साप्ताहिक पत्रिका
return    बिना बिका या बिकने
1.The airline contracted to operate 24 weekly returns to Nashville.

2.Selected services have special daily and weekly return tickets available.

3.Borghetti said Qantas would also add a fourth weekly return service to Rome in October.

4.The first four months of operation saw a weekly return service between Auckland and Sydney.

5.She also runs a weekly return crossing from Portsmouth to Santander on Saturday / Sunday.

6.On 27 August 2015, Tigerair Australia announced three weekly return services between Melbourne and Coffs Harbour.

7.On 2 March 2016, the airline announced an additional weekly return service between the two locations.

8.Hours earlier, before his weekly return flight to Houston, he had escorted her to a gate at Hartsfield.

9.In February 2016 as a result of strong demand, Qantaslink increased weekly services by two flights to fifteen weekly returns.

10.The weekly returns were based on death certificates, and therefore much more accurate than the bills of mortality based on burials.

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