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English-Hindi > weekly statement

weekly statement meaning in Hindi

weekly statement sentence in Hindi

साप्ताहिक विवरण
weekly    साप्ताहिक पत्रिका
statement    उक्ति कथन कथा कहना
1.As a consequence, he ordered banks to make weekly statements to the Board of Currency.

2.It is used as part of the " sara ", a weekly statement of power and authority.

3.Unfortunately, in the present state of college football, it is necessary for teams to make weekly statements to the pollsters via lopsided beatings.

4.Money supply, as measured by M3, grew 14.3 percent in the year ending that date, according to a weekly statement from the central bank.

5.The central bank's reserves of gold stood at 158 billion francs worth in the week that ended Monday, according to its weekly statement, compared with 232 billion francs the week before.

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