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English-Hindi > weighing anchor

weighing anchor meaning in Hindi

weighing anchor sentence in Hindi

लंगर उठाना
weighing    विचार-विमर्श
anchor    भरोसा लंगर
1.There were special varieties for specific tasks from hoisting the mainsail to weighing anchor.

2.Weighing anchor the next morning, the ship resumed surveys.

3.The mid-sized Cuban shipping company, Coral Lines, is now weighing anchor in ports all over.

4.Weighing anchor the following morning, " America " sailed for the Adriatic Sea, bound for Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia.

5.Weighing anchor on 10 April, the carrier departed Malta to sail for task group operations in the Ionian Sea.

6.As dropping and weighing anchor took time and effort, the decision to do so, and when, could be critical.

7.Such tasks, which usually required a coordinated group effort in either a pulling or pushing action, included weighing anchor and setting sail.

8.A daily program offers a host of other activities : demonstrations of sail handling, fishing, rope making, and setting and weighing anchor.

9.WEIGHING ANCHORS : Viewed from a certain angle, ex-anchors are like ex-presidents-- very important men who suddenly have a lot of time on their hands.

10."Weighing anchor " literally means raising the anchor of the vessel from the sea floor and hoisting it up to be stowed on board the vessel.

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