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English-Hindi > white tie

white tie meaning in Hindi

white tie sentence in Hindi
औपचारिक वस्त्र
white    सफेद कपड़ा सफेद
tie    गांठ बराबर अंको पर
1.The tuxedo was a modification of the formal white tie and tails.

2.Their striking black-and-white plumage is often likened to a white tie suit.

3.Formal / white tie : Women : everything but a ball gown.

4.White tie is the correct, equivalent formal dress for evening social events.

5.It may be worn for both black tie and white tie events.

6.This uniform is worn as an equivalent to civilian white tie dress.

7.Men : dark suit with a white tie, vest and button-down shirt.

8.Anthony White tied a career-high with 12 points and eight rebounds.

9.The same as not wearing correct evening dress at a white tie affair.

10.Mess dress would be worn at occasions requiring white tie or black tie.

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formalwear consisting of full evening dress for men
Synonyms: dress suit, full dress, tailcoat, tail coat, tails, white tie and tails,

bow tie worn as part of a man''s formal evening dress

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