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wicket gate sentence in Hindi

"wicket gate" meaning in Hindi
  • As she passed a wicket gate guarded by Shubham Desai and Mohd.
  • The origin of the word is from wicket gate, a small gate.
  • Evangelist directs Pilgrim towards the Wicket Gate.
  • Automatic wicket gates using the TOICA smart card were installed from October 25, 2006.
  • The majority of paths have wicket gates or kissing gates, but there are some stiles.
  • The wooden door is medieval and in the right half has a " wicket gate ".
  • The inlet is a scroll-shaped tube that wraps around the turbine's wicket gate.
  • A small wicket gate at the north side of the inner forecastle leads to the Gauja River.
  • Variable geometry of the wicket gate and turbine blades allow efficient operation for a range of flow conditions.
  • As she passed a wicket gate guarded by Satwant Singh and Beant Singh, the two opened fire.
  • When he breaks one of the wicket gates in two, Geering gets angry and stomps on the other.
  • Water is directed tangentially through the wicket gate and spirals on to a propeller shaped runner, causing it to spin.
  • There is full accessibility to the first platform, with access to the second platform via a wicket gate or footbridge.
  • At the Wicket Gate Tender-Conscience does not escape the arrows shot against callers from the Beelzebub's castle.
  • Flow through the turbine is controlled either by a large valve or by wicket gates arranged around the outside of the turbine runner.
  • The platforms are on the third floor of the station building, with the wicket gates and main concourse on the second floor.
  • Wicket gates around the outside of the turbine's rotating runner control the rate of water flow through the turbine for different power production rates.
  • "The Wicket Gate " is an important feature in John Bunyan's 17th century novel " The Pilgrim's Progress ".
  • A typical system would use a Flyball governor acting directly on the turbine input valve or the wicket gate to control the amount of water entering the turbine.
  • Access to the halt was had via a sloping 1 in 10 fenced path leading up from the Cuddesdon Road where a wicket gate with a lamp was provided.
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