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English-Hindi > wide angle

wide angle meaning in Hindi

wide angle sentence in Hindi

• विशाल कोण
wide    घेर पूरा खुला हुआ
angle    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
1.At the end of the film, the host of " Wide Angle,"

2.This was in part attributed to the new 111-degree wide angle engine.

3.Wide angle lenses also make a larger portion of the image appear sharp.

4.He became well-known because of his development of wide angle lenses for aerophotography.

5.There are two types : the telephoto and the wide angle.

6.His widespread use of wide angles allowed open space within his architectural designs.

7.This the problem one can get when using Auto with wide angle lenses.

8.For me, the GPS and wide angle performance are worth the extra money.

9.Some of them dating April 2007 and shot with a wide angle lens.

10.Films recently developed by Wide Angle Tasmania under the initiative include:

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