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English-Hindi > wide area information server

wide area information server meaning in Hindi

wide area information server sentence in Hindi

बृहत् क्षेत्र सूचना परिसेवक
wide    घेर पूरा खुला हुआ
area    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
information    आरोप खबर ख़बर
server    थाल थाली परिसेवक
1.Kahle is an Internet luminary who created the pioneering Wide Area Information Server ( WAIS ) publishing application in the 1980s.

2.Kahle is an Internet pioneer whose 1989 invention, the Wide Area Information Server _ or WAIS _ was a pre-Web system for searching distant databases on the Internet.

3.In the early 1990s, he developed the Wide Area Information Server ( WAIS ), the first system for publishing quantities of data in a searchable form on the Internet.

4.Brewster Kahle, the inventor of a breakthrough publishing application called " Wide Area Information Server " ( which made him very wealthy when he sold it to America Online five years ago ), is undertaking one of the most ambitious of these efforts.

5.If you were on the Internet it was still difficult to find things ( there was Wide area information server, but it was a long way from being like a modern search engine ) .-- Talk 07 : 54, 3 June 2013 ( UTC)

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