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wilkie collins sentence in Hindi

"wilkie collins" meaning in Hindiwilkie collins in a sentence
  • His close friend Wilkie Collins was outselling him with " The Moonstone,"
  • Wilkie Collins, for instance, was never more than a week before publication.
  • :Wilkie Collins wrote one of the first detective novels in The Moonstone.
  • Some years later, in 1868, Wilkie Collins wrote " The Moonstone ".
  • Wilkie Collins "'The Moonstone " ( 1868 ) features a rudimentary locked-room murder.
  • During this period he worked closely with the novelist and playwright Wilkie Collins.
  • In 1864 the novelist Wilkie Collins visited the village while preparing common-law wife.
  • The 1868 novel by Wilkie Collins has a plethora of confusing cousinly relationships.
  • Popular authors she reviewed included Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, George Meredith and Wilkie Collins.
  • Sometimes, she reminded me of the Victorian heroine of one of Wilkie Collins's novels.
  • Sunday will mark the birth date of Wilkie Collins, English novelist ( 1824-1889 ).
  • 3 : " Woman in White " by Wilkie Collins.
  • The story was originally The Woman in White " are widely considered Wilkie Collins'best novels.
  • Wilkie Collins would have approved of this philosophy, because he believed and practised it himself.
  • It is an adaptation of the 1868 novel " The Moonstone " by Wilkie Collins.
  • THE HAUNTED HOTEL by Wilkie Collins ( Gemstar ).
  • Nobody, not even his friend Charles Dickens, could put together a plot like Wilkie Collins.
  • This is shown in a letter written to Caine by Wilkie Collins on 15 March 1888:
  • There is some evidence that the English writers Wilkie Collins and Christina Rossetti were also enthusiasts.
  • His older brother was the novelist Wilkie Collins.
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