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English-Hindi > wing loading

wing loading meaning in Hindi

wing loading sentence in Hindi
पंख भारण
wing    विंग उड़ान कोर मकान
loading    लादना भारण माल
1.For minimum drag, wing loading can be in excess of.

2.The smaller the wing loading, the tighter the turn.

3.It has a low wing-aspect ratio and high wing loading.

4.Most student skydivers fly with wing loading below 5 kg per square meter.

5.They were also concerned about the high wing loading.

6.With the larger, more powerful engine, wing loading became an issue.

7.The wing loadings of some of the lightest aircraft fall comfortably within this range.

8.The larger lifting surface reduces wing loading, hence further reducing the stalling speed.

9.The ARES has very good turning performance as a result of low wing loading.

10.Wing area is the largest of any known glossophagine with wing loading the lowest.

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the ratio of the weight of an airplane to its wing area

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