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English-Hindi > winter mushroom

winter mushroom meaning in Hindi

winter mushroom sentence in Hindi
• शीत छत्रक्
winter    शीत ऋतु जाड़ा जाड़ा
mushroom    खुमी गगनधूल छत्रक
1.One type of high-grade shiitake is called in Japanese and " " in Chinese, literally " winter mushroom ".

2."C . tubaeformis " is a yellowish-brown and trumpet-shaped mushroom found in great numbers late in the mushroom season, thus earning the common name winter mushroom.

an edible agaric that is available in early spring or late fall when few other mushrooms are; has a viscid smooth orange to brown cap and a velvety stalk that turns black in maturity and pallid gills; often occur in clusters
Synonyms: Flammulina velutipes,

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