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English-Hindi > wiping out

wiping out meaning in Hindi

wiping out sentence in Hindi

• सफाया करना
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.House Speaker Newt Gingrich wiped out a debt he never incurred.

2.Clinton has agreed to wipe out the deficit in seven years.

3.Their homeland in Botswana is being wiped out by cattle fences.

4.It wipes out thousands and thousands of premature deaths every year.

5.Drought threatens to wipe out half the South Carolina corn crop.

6.The crisis has wiped out 30 years of impressive economic growth.

7.The rare and endangered plant species were all being wiped out,

8.But it is a warning against the wiping out of species.

9.Remove the mixture from the pan and wipe out the pan.

10.Heavy rain wiped out play Saturday at the FBR Capital Open.

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