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English-Hindi > with a bang

with a bang meaning in Hindi

with a bang sentence in Hindi
• धमाके के साथ
with    के मामले में के
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
bang    पुरी तरह से जोश
1."Public Information " starts off with a bang.

2.The Kings didn't exactly go out with a bang.

3.Not with a bang, but not with a whimper either.

4.He just wants to come back this year with a bang.

5.To draw attention, you must say it with a bang.

6.The Bruins opened the 1947-48 season with a bang.

7."Operation WinBack " starts off with a bang.

8.I think theater is going to come back with a bang.

9.I'm gonna go out with a bang ."

10.Even the Texans start and end this season with a bang.

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