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English-Hindi > without strings

without strings meaning in Hindi

without strings sentence in Hindi
• बिना किसी शर्त के
without    बाहरी भाग के बिना
strings    तार
1.Day took them in, offering food and shelter without strings.

2.We're talking about entertainment, a choice without strings.

3.It was also the fact that it came largely without strings.

4.Therefore, the notion of aid without strings is a myth.

5.Industries and businesses don't give away money without strings attached.

6.An essential quality of a gift is that it comes without strings.

7.However, aid must be provided without strings attached, he said.

8.Freehand glowsticking is glowsticking typically practiced without strings attached to the glowsticks.

9.:Gliders, hang gliders and paragliders are like kites without string.

10.The federal government ought to block-grant money to Texas without strings,

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