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English-Hindi > work shift

work shift meaning in Hindi

work shift sentence in Hindi
• पाली
• कार्य-पाली
work    ग्रंथ अनुशीलन
shift    विस्थापन अंतिम
1.We should all have one work shift in five like this, no?

2.Unions fear the restructuring will mean job cuts and inconvenient work shifts.

3.She had one of the highest-ranking positions on her work shift.

4.Around 900 drivers have to work shifts to operate 700 buses.

5.The miners complain they're often scheduled to work shifts for seven consecutive days.

6.Daily work shifts are planned around several hours of prayer and private meditation.

7.Seven astronauts will split 12-hour work shifts during the 16-day mission.

8.:I found some interesting results by googling study length of work shift productivity.

9.Employees do not live inside the zone, but work shifts there.

10.Samsung's early work shift allows workers to avoid rush-hour traffic jams.

the time period during which you are at work
Synonyms: shift, duty period,

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