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English-Hindi > written account

written account meaning in Hindi

written account sentence in Hindi
लिखित प्रमाण
लिखित दस्तावेज
written    लिखित रिपोर्ट
account    विवरण कारण
1.Gaede said in a written account he provided to The Times.

2.One cited Taubman's dyslexia and trouble with written accounts.

3.The Pashtuns have oral and written accounts of their family tree.

4.These written accounts are the last mention of ninja in war.

5.Rotselaar and Wezemaal were first mentioned in written accounts in 1044.

6.Cowboy Charlie Siringo witnessed the incident and left a written account.

7.The many verbal and written accounts of Chief Multnomah were similar.

8.The most important written accounts are those contained in administrative records.

9.The first written account of Dahlem dates to the year 1275.

10.The jockey, Warren Mehrtens, disputes the written accounts, though.

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