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English-Hindi > written assignment

written assignment meaning in Hindi

written assignment sentence in Hindi
लिखने का काम
written    लिखित रिपोर्ट
assignment    कार्यभार निदेश
1.The written assignment that is turned in will consist of two parts.

2.For the written assignment group, white students performed worse than minority students.

3.His notebooks were filled with scribbles, decorated intermittently with half-written assignments.

4.Performance-based assessments are normally completed by submitting written assignments through an online service.

5.Quite a lot of work will be done from their homes or studios in written assignments or projects.

6.It was not alleged that there was a written assignment of copyright by the author to the applicant.

7.It was also not alleged that there had been written assignment of copyright by their author to the appellant.

8.One such intervention was attempted with UK medical students, who were given a written assignment and a clinical assessment.

9.Apart from subject-specific oral and written examinations, students must also prepare one or two major written assignments.

10.Typical sessions include help with written assignments, practicing elevator pitches and interview skills, organizing team assignments, and more.

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