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English-Hindi > yellow journalism

yellow journalism meaning in Hindi

yellow journalism sentence in Hindi
• पीत पत्रकारिता
• सनसनीखेज़ पत्रकारिता

• घटिया पत्रकारिता
• सनसनीखेज पत्रकारिता
yellow    पीला कपड़ा
journalism    पत्रकारिता संपादक
1.In addition, newspaper journalism became more sensationalistic, and was termed yellow journalism.

2.Omaha newspapers were particularly renowned for their yellow journalism during this period.

3.Greetings : I was reading your yellow journalism { yellow journalism n.

4.Greetings : I was reading your yellow journalism { yellow journalism n.

5.It is little more than " yellow journalism, " says Krauss.

6.Morris railed against " the sadistic vitriol of yellow journalism ."

7.:LuckyLouie, what kind of yellow journalism are you up to now?

8.Lippmann called for journalistic objectivity after the excesses of Yellow journalism.

9.The modern Hearst has banished most vestiges of yellow journalism.

10.Yellow journalism fueled American anger by publishing  atrocities committed by Spain in Cuba.

sensationalist journalism
Synonyms: tabloid, tab,

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