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English-Hindi > z score

z score meaning in Hindi

z score sentence in Hindi

• जैड प्राप्तांक
z    ज़ेड
score    प्राप्तांक बीसी
1.The child is in phase two until he / she is no longer wasted [ weight-for-height z score ( WHZ ) 2 ].

2.Selection of students is done on the basis of merit order on the average Z score obtained by candidates at the GCE Advanced Level examination.

3.However, top students who got qualified under the minimum Z Scores requirements for admissions from remote districts may get in with relatively lower marks than those from urban districts.

4.So, an extremely conservative statistician would probably be someone who chooses an incredibly low z score and may fall to the Type II error, if the null hypothesis is found to be true.

5.Selection for the NDT program is especially based on the performance ( z score ) that student done at G . C . E Advanced Level exam and Institute of Technology, University of Moratuwa's a General Knowledge exam.

6.The first meaning is as an alternative name for the standard score or z score, where values are standardised by subtracting the sample or estimated mean and dividing by the sample or other estimate of the standard deviation.

7.Although signal-detection theory predicts a curvilinear ROC when the hit rate is plotted against the false alarm rate, it predicts a linear ROC when the hit and false alarm rates are converted to z scores ( yielding a z-ROC ).

8.The overall score for each state is calculated by adding the z scores of each measure multiplied by its percentage of total overall ranking ( weight ) and the effect ( positively or negatively correlated ) it has on health.

9.There is no single accepted name for this number; it is also commonly referred to as the " standard normal deviate ", " normal score " or " Z score " for the 97.5 percentile point, or . 975 point.

10.Is there a calculator button where I type in a z score like-1.6 and then press a magic button and then it gives me the area nuder the standard normal curve to the left of that value, in this case, 0.0548.

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