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English-Hindi > oahu island

oahu island meaning in Hindi

oahu island sentence in Hindi
ओआहू आइलैंड
ओआहू द्वीप
oahu    ओआहू
island    अजीरा चबूतरा टापू
1.The corresponding music video was shot on Oahu Island, Hawaii.

2.In 1980 there was a new outbreak of seaweed dermatitis on Oahu island Hawaii.

3.In 1991, Haleakala expanded to the larger Oahu island, which led to a revival of the game.

4.It can be found in Hawaii on Oahu Island, Pupukea Beach Park, and near Near Waimea Bay.

5.Years later, in 1994, local people of Hawaii, Maui and Oahu island in Hawaii were poisoned by food.

6.They got married on June 17, 2012 and officially wed in Hawaii on Oahu island on January 3, 2013.

7.On April 1, 1831 Naihe was appointed Governor of Hawaii island while John Adams Kuakini restored order on Oahu island after a rumored rebellion by Kuini Liliha.

8.Paul Weissich, director from 1957 to 1989, expanded Foster Garden to of native plants, and developed four additional sites on Oahu Island to create the Honolulu Botanical Gardens system.

9.According to the myth, Nu?akea was a goddess who came to Earth and married mortal chief Keoloewaakamauaua, but it is known that historical Nu?akea was born on Oahu island.

10.Hands down, the Oahu island native is the Husky getting the most " pub " this week, especially since the All-America junior center's announcement that he will enter the NFL draft.

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