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English-Hindi > oahu

oahu meaning in Hindi

oahu sentence in Hindi
1.ESPN has the Oahu Bowl 75 minutes after the first game.

2.This year, the Music City and Oahu bowls will debut.

3.The game once was in Hawaii, as the Oahu Bowl.

4.Georgia beat Virginia 37-14 in the last Oahu Bowl.

5.Oahu Transit : http : / / www . thebus . org

6.Instead, Yamamoto selected Hawaiian Island chain, approximately from Oahu.

7.The ship was sold for scuttled off the coast of Oahu.

8.Honolulu International Airport is a subordinate of the Oahu District officials.

9.As dramatic as the letter sounds, she returned to Oahu.

10.Soon, she was called back to the hospital in Oahu.

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