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English-Hindi > abdomens

abdomens meaning in Hindi

abdomens sentence in Hindi
1.He had his surname inked in an arc across his abdomen.

2.Splattering rock chips and metal fragments pierce his chest and abdomen.

3.He had been shot four times in the abdomen and thighs.

4.Aneurysms most often occur in the chest, abdomen and brain.

5.Jensen implanted cells from human breast cancers into animals'abdomens.

6.Injuries to her arm, leg and abdomen are healing still.

7.Curtis Martin couldn't play, his abdomen too painful.

8._One male, late teens ( shot in abdomen ).

9.Excess fluids might build up in the abdomen, causing swelling.

10.Krueger holds her abdomen when she moves or when she laughs.

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