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English-Hindi > ablate

ablate meaning in Hindi

ablate sentence in Hindi
1.The ablated particles are collected and incorporated into a carrier gas.

2.In linear accelerator therapy, the emission head ( called " ablated.

3.These molecules are produced when uranium metal is laser ablated into dioxygen.

4.The hot membrane surface of the array ablates ( destroys ) the endometrium.

5.A newer procedure uses a carbon dioxide laser to ablate the vermillion border.

6.The technology uses highly focused ultrasound to ablate, or destroy, fibroid tumors.

7.Some animal remains ablated by Ice Age glaciation was found in the excavated earth.

8.Ablated material flies off the target and lands onto a heated SrTiO 3 crystal.

9.HIFU for prostate cancer utilizes ultrasound to ablate / destroy the tissue of the prostate.

10.Once inserted the device emits a radio frequency that ablates, or removes, prostatic tissue.

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remove an organ or bodily structure

wear away through erosion or vaporization

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