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English-Hindi > abnegate

abnegate meaning in Hindi

abnegate sentence in Hindi
1.The prince chose to abnegate the privileges of his wealthy upbringing, seeking a simple life, and helping those less fortunate than himself.
राजकुमार ने अपने समृद्ध विशेषाधिकारों को त्यागने का फ़ैसला किया, एक सरल जीवन की तलाश के लिए, ताकि खुद से कम भाग्यशाली लोगों की मदद कर सके।

deny or renounce; "They abnegated their gods"

surrender (power or a position); "The King abnegated his power to the ministers"

deny oneself (something); restrain, especially from indulging in some pleasure; "She denied herself wine and spirits"
Synonyms: deny,

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