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English-Hindi > absorber

absorber meaning in Hindi

absorber sentence in Hindi
• अवशोषक
• अवशोषी
• चूसक
• शोषक
• शोष्यक
• समाविष्टक
• सोखनेवाला
1.But not because his archery shock-absorber is taking off.

2.The crash could be harder without government shock absorbers in place.

3.Black work is tolerated because it is a social shock absorber,

4.He cited Midas mufflers, Monroe shock absorbers and NAPA parts.

5."He's an absorber and inquisitive,"

6._They don't really call them shock absorbers anymore.

7.Shoes should be well-cushioned to act as shock absorbers.

8.Unique repair shop will fix your broken shock absorbers, JAKARTA POST

9.Bolometers are directly sensitive to the energy left inside the absorber.

10.The first proposed shock absorber was a ring-shaped airbag.

(physics) material in a nuclear reactor that absorbs radiation

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