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English-Hindi > accelerant

accelerant meaning in Hindi

accelerant sentence in Hindi
• त्वरक
• वेगवर्धक
1.Lab tests to confirm that an accelerant was used were pending.

2.They poured an accelerant on her and set her afire,

3.Investigators refuse to identify the accelerant or provide other details.

4.He said he was surprised when the accelerant was produced.

5.I think digital technology will be an accelerant for diversity.

6.The great accelerant in this cultural crackup has been technology.

7.Some brands of charcoal briquettes are designed to start without an accelerant.

8.An accelerant was also found in wood chips from the deck floor.

9.Drenching the wood framing in accelerant, he burns the house down.

10.Evidence revealed that gasoline or some other accelerant was used, investigators said.

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