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acclamations sentence in Hindi

"acclamations" meaning in Hindi
  • Jack Kemp, his running mate, was nominated by acclamation.
  • By acclamation, Pedro is the best dancer in the family.
  • Three were filled by acclamation by Tunisia, Russia and Cuba.
  • Also reappointed by acclamation was honorary treasurer Robert Stinson of Britain.
  • We are expecting a conference of constructive discussion, not acclamation,
  • Alleluia is replaced during Lent by a different acclamation of praise.
  • All other incumbent state officers were re-nominated by acclamation.
  • William Rumsey was nominated for the Court of Appeals by acclamation.
  • John T . Clark was nominated for State Engineer by acclamation.
  • Archibald C . Powell was nominated for State Engineer by acclamation.
  • The incumbent Treasurer Thomas Raines was re-nominated by acclamation.
  • Clarkson N . Potter was nominated for Lieutenant Governor by acclamation.
  • She was subsequently elected new leader with acclamation on 6 May.
  • Favorably, but not sufficiently so to evoke wild acclamation.
  • Jack Kemp ? _ who is then nominated by acclamation.
  • Boxing is, by acclamation, a hurtin'business.
  • Gingrich told the House Republicans after being renominated by acclamation.
  • The first units have landed and taken part of Manhattan by acclamation.
  • Still, such acclamation means little or nothing outside serious cinema spheres.
  • It's apparent from the annual glaring omissions and misplaced acclamations.
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