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English-Hindi > accolade

accolade meaning in Hindi

accolade sentence in Hindi
1.Barton gets offensive line coach Bobb McKittrick's highest accolades.

2.Some wonder if he will ever accept accolades without fighting back.

3.The accolades for the AVP's 1995 season are out.

4.Bouley, on the other hand, has accolades to spare.

5.His comment seems the ultimate accolade for the Bond movie series.

6.But it is not certain that Congress can expect that accolade.

7.Without question, the Pulitzers are journalism's highest accolade.

8.They had gone to Broadway in search of audiences and accolades.

9.It was wonderful for them to receive accolades for their performance.

10.But once in a while, one gets the top accolade.

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a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction; "an award for bravery"
Synonyms: award, honor, honour, laurels,

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