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accomplishable sentence in Hindi

"accomplishable" meaning in Hindi
  • Anything is possible, any task accomplishable, any problem solvable.
  • Something that's easily accomplishable and then go from there.
  • Usually the chore is quickly accomplishable by mail.
  • In my architectural program, I see people ignore their first ideas because they don't think they're accomplishable ."
  • As for their height, he said " 50, 55-story towers are very much accomplishable in New York ."
  • According to the judgement of the minister only the first is necessary, advisable and possible, the second is not advisable and not accomplishable.
  • In a speech, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi told the Sindhi diaspora in India that Sindh returning to India is an accomplishable dream.
  • Likewise, accessing all ship functions is only accomplishable through doubling up on some button tasks, which makes for some frustrating contortionist-school-of-flying control.
  • A programming language that is Turing complete is theoretically capable of expressing all tasks accomplishable by computers; nearly all programming languages are Turing complete if the limitations of finite memory are ignored.
  • He is probably best known for his customized ten-string guitar, which allows him to create a unique, layered-sound normally only accomplishable using multiple instruments or post-recording techniques such as overdubbing.
  • "If your aim is for what is accomplishable at the moment, then you don't plan, " said Ron Shiffman, a member of the city planning commission who also served as an advisor to the residents of Red Hook.
  • A broad expression of support for Iraq by the international community, he said, combined with opportunities for private sector investment in the country and the prospect of future Iraqi oil revenues means " the reconstruction of Iraq is a clearly accomplishable goal ."
  • The custom sound chip on Amiga, named Paula, had four digital sound channels ( 2 for the left speaker and 2 for the right ) with 8 bit resolution ( although with patches, 14 / 15bit was accomplishable at the cost of high CPU usage ) for each channel and a 6 bit volume control per channel.

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