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English-Hindi > accouchement

accouchement meaning in Hindi

accouchement sentence in Hindi
1.Women who were married to aliens were ordered to leave Gibraltar for their accouchements.

2.Expensive delivery fees ( " accouchement fees " ) for third-order and higher births would also be waived with sterilisation.

3.Her " M�morial de l'art des accouchements " ( 1817 ) went through several editions and became a standard textbook.

4.In 1829 he became an associate professor at the University of Strasbourg, where in 1834 he was appointed professor of " accouchements " ( obstetrics ).

5.Lastly, the duchess's " accouchement ", a semi-public function in the case of royal princesses, did not take place till the 6th of October.

6.The " Abr�g?de l'art des accouchements " contains du Coudray s lectures in the order that she taught them, starting with the female reproductive organs and the process of reproduction.

7.In 1759, she published an early midwifery textbook, " Abr�g?de l'art des accouchements " ( Abridgment of the Art of Delivery ), which was a revision and expansion of an earlier midwifery textbook published in 1667.

8.The birthing maneuver is named along with obstetricians Fran�ois Mauriceau ( 1637 1709 ) and William Smellie ( 1697 1763 ), although it was first described by Jacques Guillemeau ( 1550 1613 ) in a 1609 treatise called " De l'accouchement hereux des femmes ".

9.In 1609 he published " De l'heureux accouchement des femmes " ( " The happy delivery of women " ), the first description of a method of assisted breech delivery popularized by other physicians, and sometimes known as the " Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit maneuver ".

10.She also published five case histories in 1819, in the " Annuaire M�dico-Chirurgical ", " Observations sur divers cas d'accouchements ( rupture du vagin; pr�sentation de la face; issue pr�matur�e du cordon; accouchement pr�c�d?de convulsions " ( " Observations on various delivery cases " ).

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the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child
Synonyms: childbirth, childbearing, vaginal birth,

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