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English-Hindi > acritical

acritical meaning in Hindi

acritical sentence in Hindi
1.We are permitted to use FU images to illustrate acritical commentary on the film, or precisely : " for identification and critical commentary on the film and its contents ".

2.He said one of the blocs was characterized by a feminism with a " negative attitude toward the family, with acritical support for abortion and an angry anthropology in which feminine problems are linked solely to sexuality and contraception ."

3.In April 2016, during the fourth party congress, Nencini was unanimously re-elected secretary . " Socialist Area ", a faction launched in November 2015 by Bobo Craxi, Roberto Biscardini, Gerardo Labellarte and Angelo Sollazzo, who criticised the party's " acritical " support to Renzi Cabinet and Nencini's double role as party leader and deputy minister, while proposing a more left-wing positionment for the party as opposed to PD PSI's " centrism ", chose not to participate in the congress, a decision that marked the split from the party.

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