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English-Hindi > act your age

act your age meaning in Hindi

act your age sentence in Hindi
अपनी उम्र के मुताबिक व्यवहार करना
act    प्रदर्शन अधिनियम
your    आपका तुम्हारा
age    आयु उम्र बूढ़ा
1.Obviously distraught after a trying morning, the parent demanded, " Act your age !"

2.He presented a six-part comedy series for BBC Radio Ulster, " Act Your Age ".

3.The half-hour manages to put an offbeat spin on the expletive " act your age ."

4.Here's a remedy : ACT YOUR AGE!

5.Don't say " Act your age ."

6.Part 1 : Act your age.

7.Act your age, I mean?

8.In 2010, they were panellists on BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show " Act Your Age " radio series.

9."Act Your Age " was Home Grown's first album to chart; reaching # 24 on Billboard's Heatseekers in 1998.

10.He appeared as a team captain in Simon Mayo's 2008 series " Act Your Age " on BBC Radio 4.

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