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English-Hindi > actant

actant meaning in Hindi

actant sentence in Hindi
1.The concept of actant is important in structuralism of narratology to regard each situation as the minimum independent unit of story.

2.In narrative theory, "'actant "'is a term from the actantial model of semiotic analysis of narratives.

3.Greimas took the term " actant " from linguist Lucien Tesni�re, which coined in his discussion of the grammar of noun phrases.

4.However, the same character can simultaneously have a different actant ( or way of concern ) in regard to a different sequence of action, event or episode in the story.

5.An actant can also be described as a binary opposition pairing, such as a hero paired with a villain, a dragon paired with a dragon slaying sword, a helper paired with an opponent.

6.In sociology, the semiotic term " actant " was incorporated into the actor-network theory by Bruno Latour and Michel Callon, the activity of which is described as " mediation " or " translation ".

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