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actinomorphic sentence in Hindi

"actinomorphic" meaning in Hindi
  • Actinomorphic flowers are also called radially symmetrical or regular flowers.
  • In the tribe Ochneae, all of the species have actinomorphic flowers.
  • Both types are actinomorphic and pentamerous, with five petals.
  • The flowers are actinomorphic made up of five long petals.
  • In the Mimosoideae, the flowers are actinomorphic and arranged in globose inflorescences.
  • The flowers are hermaphroditic, actinomorphic, often showy.
  • Actinomorphic corollas are pale orange below and darker above.
  • Flowers actinomorphic, petals white with purplish keel.
  • They are also actinomorphic with three larger outer tepals and three more inner and smaller ones.
  • They are hermaphrodite, pentamerous and actinomorphic, accompanied with scaly silver bracts bigger that themselves.
  • Flowers can have either one or many planes of symmetry; that is either zygomorphic or actinomorphic.
  • The flower is hermaphrodite, actinomorphic, with 6 tepals, distributed in two whorls that overlap.
  • The flowers usually hang down and are more or less regular ( radially symmetrical or actinomorphic ).
  • The flowers are most often bisexual and actinomorphic, occurring in racemes or panicles, and often fragrant.
  • Flowers actinomorphic in cymose inflorescences, very small, corolla brick-red, tubular, 5-lobed.
  • Some familiar and seemingly actinomorphic so-called flowers, such as those of head, capitulum, or pseudanthium.
  • Flowers actinomorphic in cymose inflorescence, petals golden yellow, with red nerves, glands present on sepals and petals.
  • The flowers are small, actinomorphic, and range from white to blue or purple, with four to five petals.
  • The small actinomorphic hermaphrodite flowers have five petals and sepals and are usually white, but red to yellow in some species.
  • The inflorescence has 3-5 campanulate actinomorphic flowers, about in diameter, with five free sepals and five free petals.
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