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actinopterygii meaning in Hindi

actinopterygii sentence in Hindi
1.WWC2 is conserved in some Actinopterygii, Gastropoda, and Bivalvia.

2.Ray-finned fishes are a class of bony fishes called Actinopterygii.

3.Most bony fish belong to the ray-finned fish ( Actinopterygii ).

4.This Actinopterygii article has a helpful taxonomical list that can be a good tool.

5.Perciformes is in the Actinopterygii class, which, is in the Pisces superclass.

6.Pseudophycis " breviuscula " falls under the ray-finned fish class Actinopterygii.

7.Rafinesque 1810 ( Actinopterygii : Syngnathiformes ) : Taxonomy and biogeography with recommendations for further research.

8.Mammals are shown to have greater similarity, while aquatic vertebrates such as actinopterygii / chondrichthyes have lesser similarity.

9.Carroll 1988 ) recognises teleost fishes as a Division Teleostei within Class Actinopterygii ( the ray-finned fishes ).

10.The extant ray-finned fishes of the subclass Actinopterygii include 42 orders, 431 families and over 23, 000 species.

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